Each element has been personally arranged by, yours truly and my team. From the cheese, meats, down to that last crunchy piece. We’ve put some lovin' in every box so when I say no two boxes are ever the same, you know I mean it! 


The Fancy

Individual Box

Good for 1


This individual sized box is fun for a party of 1! Includes 1 type of cured meat, 2 types of mini cheese cubes, fresh and dried fruit, mixed nuts.

The Classy-1

The Classy

Small Charcuterie Box

Good for 1 to 2


This small box feeds 1-2 and includes 1 type of cured meat, 1 cheese, fresh and dried fruit, mixed nuts and crunchies. Perfect for date night or a self-care treat.

The Sassy-1

The Sassy

Medium Charcuterie Box

Good for 4 to 6


The first of our premium boxes, this mediym size feeds 4-6. Includes 2 types of cured meats, 2 types of cheeses, dried fresh fruit, nut, crunchies, bread, jam or spread, olives or cornichons.


The Grande

Large Charcuterie Box

Good for 7 to 10


This grand and large box feed 6-8. Includes 2 types of cured meats, 2 types of cheeses, dried or fresh fruit, nuts, crunchies, bread, jam or spread, olives or cornichons


The Bad Assy

Bad Ass Box

Good for 10 to 12


It’s large and in charge, this badass box feed 10-12, includes 2 cheese, 2 types of cured meats, dried or fresh fruit, nuts, crunchies, bread, jam or spread, olives or cornichons.


Mix & Match


14 x 10 Box


Includes: Salami, mortadella, crackers, olives, jam, bread, pistachios, dried figs, coconut clusters, chocolate covered raisins, grapes, strawberries

Pick your 3 favorite cheeses:

Pecorino with Truffle
Artigiano with Vino Rossi
Artigiano with Aged Balsamic & Cipolline Onion
Asiago with Chili Pepper
Manchego (4-6 months aged)
Triple Crème Bried
Smoked Gouda
Wensleydale with Cranberries or Mango


So Strawberry Happy


12 pieces


You need to know that ‘stressed’ is ‘desserts’ spelled backwards, so go ahead, pop some champagne and unwind with our signature So Strawberry-Happy Box. In every box you’ll find fresh and juicy strawberries hand-dipped in your choice of milk chocolate with a smidgen of fancy and a dash of sassy!

A Dash of Sass


Stimulate your palate further with your choice of add-ons to further customize your sassy grazing experience.

Included Cheese



Goat w/ Blueberry

Goat w/ Almond & Honey

Irish Cheddae

$10  Additional Cheeses

Pecorino Romano, Gorgonzola, Aged Manchego, Bleu Cheese, Mango Wensleydale, Truffle Pecorino, Habanero Pecorino, Artigiano w/ Balsamic & Onion, Artigiano in Vino Rossi, Asiago w/ Chili pepper & peperoncino

$6  Havarti 

Included Meats


Beef Sausage

Beef Sticks

$10  Additional Meats

Prosciutto, Spanish Chorizo, Sopressata, Capocolla

$7  Turkey 

Jams & Spreads

$2  Apricot, Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry, Rasberry

$4  Red Pepper Jalapeño, Bacon Jam, Mango-Peach Chutney

$6  Hot Honey, Organic Honey

$8  Honey Comb

$5  Nutella, Garlic Herb, Hummus


Come pick up your order at our place, free of charge.


Pick-up: Scottsdale, AZ


We will deliver any order within the Scottsdale, AZ community and surrounding neighborhoods. Fees start at $10.

To schedule a delivery of see if your town is within range, please contact us.

Custom Order & BIGGER BOXES

Can't decide what to order? Have allergies? Want a vegan, veggie or keto box? Or maybe you want to super-size your box? We can make it happen!

Please contact us for pricing.

All ingredient selection varies and is dependent upon availability. Each box is made to order and uniquely crafted. When ordering please state any allergies or specializations.