It’s crazy to think that I started Bagasin Charcuterie in the middle of a pandemic. People said “Girl, you crazy!”, “Are you insane?!” I’ve heard it all! Without a doubt, it really was crazy! Well, you know what? Sometimes, a little crazy goes a long way! 

With everyone at home what’s stopping us all from having a good ol’ fancy evening on the couch anyway?

There’s just something about making an evening at home extra classy and super fancy with a glass of wine and a simple but carefully arranged plate of cold cuts, cheese, crackers and fruits. I’ve always been a huge fan of cheeses, may it be the hard, soft, stinky, weird ones, name it I definitely like it. I love cured meats, especially prosciutto and soppressata (YUM!). Mixing and matching different flavors, pairing it with wine… Isn’t it obvious, I just really love grazing! 

But what I love the most is designing and carefully arranging charcuterie boards with a dash of sass and a little bit badass!

With the help of my family, and my source of everyday inspiration and number one motivator, my son Rafa… Bagasin Charcuterie was born and killin’ it ever since! We’ve been delivering that grazing experience non-stop!

I love the feedback and seeing people’s faces light up when they see the beautiful colors, flavors and textures in each box I’ve created.  I love what I do, I’m good at it, and I’m gonna keep being bad ass at it. *Fierce Wink


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